Cairneyhill Village Institute

16 October 1935

Dunfermline District Council refuse to take it over.

At a meeting of Dunfermline District Council yesterday a letter was read from the secretary of the Cairneyhill Village Committee asking the Council to take over the village institute on the ground that, under present conditions, there was not sufficient income to meet the expenditure.

The chairman (Major Ross) warned the Council to be careful as to what they did with the application, remarking that in Fife there were so many of those institutes which were suffering from financial embarrassment that if they took over the Cairneyhill Institute they would be inundated with applications in respect of institutes all over the county.

Mr James Potter, who is a member of the Miners’ Welfare Committee, agreed that if the Council made a beginning with Cairneyhill they would be called upon to take over many miners’ welfare institutes which at present were run at a financial loss.

The Council agreed to send a negative reply to the Cairneyhill Committee.

[After some research it is believed the Village Institute was what is now known as the Masonic Hall]

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