Examination of Mrs More’s Seminary for Young Ladies

Fife Herald 18 July 1839

On Monday the 15th instant the seminary for young ladies conducted by Mrs More and daughters was examined by several clergymen, established and dissenting, in the presence of the parents and friends of the pupils.

The exhibition made by the young ladies fully sustained the high character which this seminary has attained for imparting an education not only accomplished but useful, solid and enlightened.

The examinators expressed themselves highly pleased with the proficiency of the pupils in history, geography, modern languages etc with the specimens of essays read on philosophical subjects and especially with their intimate acquaintance with religious truth; in all of these departments the young ladies acquitted themselves very creditable. There was a marked improvement from last year.

Nor were the more ornamental branches deficient. The walls were covered with drawings in chalk, pencil and water colours – some of the latter very exquisite; and there was a profusion of needlework, japanned screens, baskets etc all indicating the dominion of a refined and elegant taste. In the evening a concert of vocal and instrumental music was performed – almost all the young ladies taking part. Several of the most brilliant compositions of hers and other masters were gone through with great precision while the vocal duets and songs gave much delight to all present.

The business of the day was concluded by the Queen’s anthem being sung in full chorus by all assembled. Some time since we noticed that Mrs and Miss More had presented to them a very handsome silver spice stand and writing desk.

The proceedings of this day testified that the attention and labour bestowed on them bu their pupils during the year were reason sufficient for the token of the young ladies’ gratitude and esteem.

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